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Age: 43

Occupation: International Flight Attendant, Previously a High School teacher

Interests: Gardening, movies, keeping fit, talking

Favourite drink: Freshly squeezed fruit juice

Comes from ‘immigrant stock’ (Lebanon)

Will eat almost anything except cottage cheese

Does not have a problem with blood and guts, but is not keen on riding horses

“ I’ve never met a farm dog. But I do like dogs I have met, however was bitten twice by dogs last year!”

Has travelled extensively within NZ and around the world
Likes watching Sex and the City, but doesn’t like American reality programmes, is a good cook, counsellor and “calmer-down-of-people”

In the future would like to either, become a nurse, have a ground job with Air NZ or own a little business in a small town somewhere

“ I’m adaptable, well organised … have an exceptionally good sense of humour and want to do this more than anyone else.”