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You can take the girls out of the city, but can you really take the city out of the girls?

The New Zealand farming industry has one major problem. Rural children are fleeing the nest and opting for alternative lifestyle opportunities. This has left many a small rural town with a dwindling and aging population. Working on a farm is a tough, physical job, and finding farm hands has been difficult…

Until now!

Meet the girls. Five carefully chosen Auckland women aged between 20 and 43. Born and bred city slickers. All with a desire to try another lifestyle. Keen to experience country living for real.

We’re relocating our “city girls” to Onga Onga - a small rural township, deep in the heart of New Zealand where they will spend six weeks working on a farm…yes that’s right; the French manicure won’t last long when they’re pulling new born lambs (literally) into this world, artificially inseminating dairy cows, and docking lambs till the sun goes down!

Five complete strangers living in a three-bedroom house on a huge farm, getting up at 5am to be at the farmer’s beck and call … These girls may think they have an understanding of rural lifestyle, but have they ever really experienced full-on farming? How will the girls cope? Who will love it? Who will hate it? Who will be a ‘fish out of water’? Will the girls get on? Can they endure the farm for six weeks or will they want to leave? Will any of them opt for this farming lifestyle or can they not wait to get home? Will love be found down on the farm?

Sit back and watch the girls’ try and work together to complete the day-to-day tasks on the farm and survive in the local community. See the different personalities, the various responses and reactions as they leave Auckland for a totally new life. Sometimes gut wrenching, sometimes an emotional roller-coaster! Will one or maybe more of these women change from “City Girl” to “Country Girl” … forever?