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As the weeks roll on, you can check back here and see what the Nation has been saying about the 'City Girls'


TV Guide, January 17 to 23

For all those born and bred city girls, here's a New Zealand show which might give you a shock. City Girls takes five Auckland women aged between 20 and 43 and gives them a real country experience on a farm. It's goodbye latte in a bowl, hello milking with Murray!

Lambs to the slaughter,,
February 18

There was a multi-choice of harsh realities last week. It was as if the TV gods were asking: "Where would you most like to be? a) In front of three judges who speak in contrived sound bites; b) Auckland Grammar; c) a 1950s English boarding school; or d) Onga Onga."

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Girls just wanna have dung,,
February 8

It's a long way from Ponsonby to Onga Onga. Television producer Tracy Nodwell knows the road well.

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TV Guide, February 7 to 13

There aren't many born and bred city girls who will voluntarily move to the country to work on a farm – but five Kiwi women did for City Girls (TV2, 7.30pm Wednesday, February 11). Ranging in age from 20-43, these five Auckland women relocate to a small rural township for six weeks to be farm hands. They will have to shovel manure, dock lambs and live together in a three-bedroom house, getting up at 5am. Sound like fun yet?

TV Guide, 11 February

7.30 City Girls: New Zealand reality series in which five women from Auckland city give up their urban life to spend six weeks on a farm in Onga Onga in Central Hawke's Bay. Tonight: Jo takes on the tractor and Alexa is up to her elbows in lambing.

Woman's Day

You can take the girls out of the city, but can you ever really take the city out of the girls? Meet five young Auckland women, who relocate to a small rural Kiwi township, where they must work on a farm for six weeks. These city slickers won't find it easy adjusting to 5am starts and days spent docking sheep, shovelling manure and pulling newborn lambs into the world!